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Why you can’t ignore Digital Marketing to Promote Business?  By Up2Mark  0 comments

Today’s world Business depends on Digital Marketing. So many people using Internet we can say nearly half the world is Digital and it has changed our daily lives.And the count is increasing everyday.Studies says that around 100 million user will online shoppers in India 2017.So How could going digital give benefits to me? This is the question striking in the most of people’s mind How they...

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DIGITAL MARKETING  By Up2Mark  0 comments

Digital Marketing is the new and innovative way of marketing using digital technology with the help of internet for online promotion of Business. Mainly the concept of digital marketing has started in 1990 but the major growth of Digital Marketing has achieved in 2010.Many of the business firms has shifted their interest in digital marketing by lacking their interest in traditional business like...

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.  By Up2Mark  1 comments

1. Digital Marketing is as much as 60% cheaper than Traditional Marketing. 2. Digital Marketing covers the market with much more effectiveness and efficiency. 3. It allows you get the instant reaction about your content, so you can take actions accordingly. 4. Digital Marketing also helps you in the SEO procedure, as it increases the presence your site. 5. Digital Marketing allows you redirect...

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