Computer the reader of human mind

Mind-reading machines are the computers that implement a computational model to hypothesize mental states of people from their facial signals. The aim is to enhance interaction of Man with Machines human-computer through their responses so as to enable applications to initiate interactions with and on behalf of the user. Stunned? Yes, it is possible.

Mind-reading computer┬ásystem analyzes the facial expressions of a human being in real time and gives an idea of that person’s underlying mental state, such as whether he or she is enjoying or getting bored, thinking or confused.

The model starts representing with face and head movements so as to building a clearer model of what mental state is being represented. Thereafter the movement of body parts, their shape and color are then analyzed to identify gestures to determine whether a smile or eyebrows being raised. Combinations of these inferences occurring over time indicate different states of the mind.

Just imagine in future that we are surrounded with mobile, cars and any other gadgets that can read our minds and can act and react according to our moods. How would that change our use of our lives?

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